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PiC Media & Art Studio was founded by Khaw brothers in 2014. We are an experienced team full of creativity! 

In the past 4 years, we have made plenty of amazing works for popular enterprises in Malaysia, maybe you've seen our works somewhere before. We help our clients to enhance effectiveness and create awareness of their brand to the marketplace!


In 2017, we gave full play in running an international event supported by MSPC, which was APDiTS (Asia-Pacific Digital Trading Symposium) at MIDA Tower, proudly to say that now we are one of the popular Digital Consultancy appointed by government bodies. 


Since 2018, we started to run the new Digital Marketing Service program to our clients, we combined our creative ideas with online marketing strategies to help our clients achieving Growth to their business as never before!


With our quality of design, efficient at work, and integrity of delivering the result, we won back a lot of Loyal Clients that using our services for more than 3 years! 

Rex Khaw
Founder and Director

Rex Khaw is a Highly Skilled Digital Marketer, Copywriter. Before  the company was founded, he was a lead digital marketer in a well-known International online shopping company, leading team with achievement hit MILLION sales in a year. He is a skillful market strategist and the core of our company. He is also the main pic of 'REX ON CALL' program.

Henny Chin
Lead Designer

Henny is a young lady with full of ideas and imaginations. From the inside out, she always carries the  'Artist Atmosphere' with her, she can integrate her creativity ideas everywhere. She has over 6 years of experience in multi-media design industry.

Nary Khaw
Founder and PD

Nary Khaw, Founder and Project Director of the company. He was Art Director in one of the biggest animation company in Malaysia. With his sense of art perfection, he can always make an advertisement that irresistible to audiences. He know very well of what audiences would love to see, and leading their eyes to drop on the right point of the ad.

Koh Mui Hoon
Creative Advisor

Koh Mui Hoon was senior designer of a publishing company​​​​​. She has over 10 years of experience in art industry. She seldom speaks, but once she makes a suggestion, all of us will pay attention to what she said just because her advice about art is helpful and insightful.